It's not the end of IVS Productions, just a change of focus to IVS Design.

20 years as a successful Videographer has provided a wealth of knowledge about what works and does not work in video production. I am now applying this experience to the design of turn-key systems for Live Stream and Video Conference applications. These products are tailored for Churches, Educational Institutions and Corporate Clients. They are turn-key in the sense that we cover all the bases from equipment and content design to installation and training - everything you need to get your production up and streaming. You will find our new company at IVS Design

IVS Productions is now …..

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What about IVS Productions?

I am announcing that IVS Productions, also known as Image Video Services & Productions, is no longer accepting new business effective September 30, 2020.

We are offering for sale select pieces of Video Production gear.

UPDATE: The asset sale has gone very well. Please download this attachment showing the equipment, as of Nov. 28, 2020, currently for sale, terms and conditions of the sale and asking prices. We will accept offers, but low ball offers will be disregarded.

  • The List of Assets is current as of Nov. 28, 2020
  • Please contact us to confirm availability.
  • All sales are on a first come - first pay basis.

Our contact details are here.