Video Production Studio and Crew Services

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Camera Crew Services Reliable, Reputable & Local

Why fly a productions crew to Northern Ontario when you can get all the video clips you need delivered to any worldwide location? Better still, only fly your producer here and let IVS Productions supply the crew, equipment, local knowledge and transportation services. We are fully equipped with 4K cameras, Steady Cams, a Crane, lights and audio equipment. We are familiar with all mining / forestry / manufacturing sites and are certified for underground and surface locales. We also have a fully equipped studio with green screen and set-piece fixtures.

We will:
  • Sign a non-disclosure and contract agreement;
  • Contact the client and arrange the shot location, date and details;
  • Arrive on location, meet the client, express your instructions and set up the shoot;
  • Follow specifications for shot lists and setups;
  • Frame, light, colour balance the video and and check the audio levels;
  • Quickly deliver the base video clips to you using our high speed internet uplink;
  • Maintain a backup until instructed by you to destroy it;
  • All copyright is assigned to you as the vendor;
  • Represent you to the client in a courteous and respectful manner, which adds value to your reputation; and of course
  • Confidentiality is assured and for this reason we have no video clips to show you!
We have done work for the Ontario Government, CBC, ESPN, CTV, Notch Video and numerous video/movie producers from around the world.

Crew Services Include:
  • Camera Person | Director
  • Video Editor
  • Sound Grip
  • Photographer
  • Make Up Artist
  • Lighting Grip
Our skilled technicians are available as a crew or individually as the job requires.

It is our experience that hiring our people is far less expensive then flying to Northern Ontario and accommodating a video production crew.

Head Office
1210 Southview Drive,
Sudbury, ON
P3E 2L6

(705) 698-1212

Studio Location
2150 Lasalle Blvd.
Sudbury, ON
P3A 2A7

(705) 698-1212

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