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The Times They Are A Changing!

Video conference technology has been around since the early 80's and it is known to be complicated, hard to access and VERY EXPENSIVE, which limited it's use to large corporations and institutions. It is based around hardware encoders, H323 or SIP protocols and arcane software meant for IT Administrators and not Client Users.

A Disruptive Technology

With the explosion of digital video a new breed of software driven video conference technology has arrived. It is not tied to the expensive equipment supplied by Cisco and Polycom; rather, it runs on the PC and Mac computers we all use. This disruptive technology started with FaceTime, then came Skype and now we have many excellent best of class software packages that support high quality video conference feeds for multiple locations, and best of all, they are at prices normal businesses can afford!

Our Expertise

We analyze your needs, specify systems, install equipment and train you to use ZOOM; GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect. We are not tied to any one vendor, rather we choose the best solutions for you whether your application is a single workstation or small to large conference rooms, we have you covered. As a final thought - those old legacy video conference systems that large companies have, we can talk with them, just not pay the price.
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    Video Collaboration Solution

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Webcast Systems Consulting, Installation and Training.

Large halls and places of worship are quickly realizing the benefits of broadcasting their events or services over the internet. The advantages are obvious but realizing them is a technical adventure strewn with dead ends. To put it truthfully, the equipment exists but the technology landscape is rapidly changing and many systems are out of date before they are installed.

This is our service. We keep informed of the latest trends, equipment and suppliers and pass this knowledge on to you as a designer / consultant for your venue. We are not tied to any one vendor or line of equipment so we can source the best value from many sources and give the best return on your investment. We keep an eye on the future to make sure your system will grow with technology.

Before you begin the purchase of equipment and plunge head on into the lake of conflicting standards, call us. Our consulting rates are reasonable and we can assure you of a pain free and exciting future for your productions.

We offer consulting, installation and training services.
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