Corporate Video, Video Marketing, Event Recording and Camera Crew Services

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Video Production for Corporate, Marketing, Event and Crew Services


Corporate Video Production Communicate, Motivate, Educate

Investor relations, product information, technical training, establishing a corporate culture of safety are important subjects in the life of any business; and Video Media, whether communicated over the internet, a group presentation or a private conference, is the best way to communicate concepts to an audience in a clear and concise manner. A good Video Production is planned and directional in it's approach, controlling the message, but has the capability to touch the emotion of the viewer like no other medium - it persuades!

Our specialty is distilling your idea, concept or wealth of knowledge into a visual message that delivers results.

The Starting Point

The first item is to have a one-on-one conversation with us about your project - so let's talk! Between us we can articulate why the video is important and what you expect it to do for you. We are going ask you questions about goals, business plans, your budget and time to completion. We need to develop the story your video will tell and suggest ways to shape it so people connect on an emotional level.

How much will it cost?

Typically videos range from $250 for a simple web video shot in our studio to $25,000 for a scripted specialty video shot on location … it depends on the complexity of the video, the addition of special effects, actors and the duration of the video. The great thing about IVS Productions is we can produce in our own Studio or at your location so we have alternatives to help control the cost.

What does the Client need to do?

Most of the work to create the video is done at the front-end and involves planning, scripting / storyboard and development of the shooting schedule. This is where your input is absolutely required because we want this to be YOUR STORY to which the audience emotionally connects, and most importantly, you well be confident of the outcome because you had input into the development process - no suprises! Once the script and schedule are complete we shoot the video and edit it. Because of the good planning you will be amazed at how fast this goes. Leave the technical details to us and don't worry about how we get the shot, or the actors to use, or the editing process … that's our expertise.

The Final Steps

Editing the video is a 3 step process. A rough cut is completed and submitted to the client for approval and changes. The agreed changes are implemented and a polished edit is submitted to the client for approval and one more round of minor changes. The Finished edit is produced for client approval and distribution. With this process you have 2 opportunities to affect change. We then produce a version for online use (Website, Streaming Service, Facebook) and another version for physical media (DVD, Blue Ray, USB Stick, Hard Drive). You are now ready to deploy your video and reap the benefits.

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Video Marketing Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter - Social Media

Brand awareness is the key to successful Video Marketing! This is achieved by producing a constant stream of new content widely dispersed on Social Media outlets. Content is King when it comes to brand awareness - the more content the better the results.

The Production Funnel

We have put together a system based around our in-house studio to quickly and easily produce the 1 to 2 minute videos you need for Social Media. The process is painless, easy on the budget and best of all, produces high quality results, which set you apart from your competitors on the web. You are able to continuously produce high quality videos with little disruption to your business and schedule.

Better Then Self-Made

People judge you and your products by the quality of your presentation! iPhone's with shaky video and bad audio simply don't cut it for professional video work. Our value added features include:
  • Animated Whiteboard Explainer video
  • Special effects for your logo
  • Multi-angle shoots for interesting presentation
  • Green-screen effect for custom backgrounds

The Complete Package

We can handle producing the video, archiving it for future use and posting the video to social media. Your time is valuable so leave the technical work to us.

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Event Video Recitals, Conferences, Events, Announcements

Record those important moments or events for future use. The video has value and we can help you to enhance it

High Quality Results

Light and sound are the two items of concern when documenting events. The light is usually terrible and sound equipment is bad. We overcome these problems with Professional HD video cameras that can see in the worst lighting conditions and wireless microphones that are independent of the rooms audio system. The powered zoom lens on our camera allows us to follow the action and get the narrow or wide shot with silky smooth movement - no shaking here! We know the video shots that are important and have the skill and equipment to get them.

One Shot

An event is special and you only get one chance to capture it so precautions are in order. Our cameras record to 2 independent sources to insure we record the video regardless of media failure. We use AC power and back it up with batteries and we have 2 audio microphones on separate tracks - this is our standard equipment!

Distribution and our Web Store

We can burn to DVD, USB Stick or post the video online in Vimeo or YouTube. If you wish to sell your product, inquire about using our Web Store for digital downloads and DVD Sales. This is of great interest to Dance Studios

Take a tour of the Webstore below

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Camera Crew Services Reliable, Reputable & Local

Why fly to Northern Ontario when you can get the video shots you need and have them delivered to your studio at any worldwide locale? Better still, fly your producer here and let us crew for them.

We will:
  • Sign a non-disclosure and contract agreement;
  • Contact the client and arrange the shot location, date and details;
  • Arrive on location, meet the client, express your instructions and set up the shoot;
  • Follow specifications for shot lists and setups;
  • Frame, light, colour balance the video and and check the audio levels;
  • Quickly deliver the base video clips to you using our high speed internet uplink;
  • Maintain a backup until instructed by you to destroy it;
  • All copyright is assigned to you as the vendor;
  • Represent you to the client in a courteous and respectful manner, which adds value to your reputation; and of course
  • Confidentiality is assured and for this reason we have no video clips to show you!

We have done work for the Ontario Government, CBC, ESPN, CTV, Notch Video and numerous video/movie producers from around the world. We can provide a single Camera Person or a detailed crew with Producer, Camera Person, Audio Technician and Lighting Grip.

It is our experience that hiring our people is far less expensive then flying to Northern Ontario and accommodating a video production crew.

Head Office
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Sudbury, ON
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Studio Location
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