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Webcast | Live Stream Services HD Quality, high production values, experienced and proven

We offer a full range of webcast and live stream services to take your event or conference to the next level. Our expertise will make this a stress-free event for you as we have all the details covered including technology, web integration, client registration, monetization and event recording - leave it to us!


We live stream your conference or event to thousands of potential viewers around the world. This is a one-way outbound video feed with 30 second time delay between send and view. This technology scales well for large audiences and can be viewed on all modern web browsers requiring no special software. We can provide simple to complex multi-camera productions and offer a full complement of value added services.

Remote Presenter

You have been asked to be the keynote speaker at a conference in Europe but cannot attend the venue. We solve your problem by beaming your presence and presentation to any locale around the world. This is done in real time and you receive applause and questions from your audience as if you were actually there!

Multi-Site Video Conference

Using new developments in Video Conference technology, we are able to bring up to 6 remote locations into your main conference. They interact in real time as if they were in the room with no discernible video or audio delay.

Value Added Conference Services

Simplify your conference setup by placing all the technology needs under one vendor. In addition to webcasting, we can supply sound systems, projectors, screens, lighting, computers and the technicians you want to operate them.

Case Study Remote Presenter

Dr. Kevin Saroka was asked to be a keynote speaker at a prestigious conference in Vienna Austria that he was unable to attend. The conference organizers contracted IVS Productions to establish a remote presenter link between Sudbury, Ontario Canada and Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Saroka attended our studio 1 hour before he was due to speak. We loaded his presentation into our computer and gave Dr. Saroka a hand-held presenter to control the timing of this presentation. We integrated his slide presentation and his image into a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) frame that captured the presentation and the speaker in pristine HD quality. We alternated between the PIP and Full Frame Image to enhance the visual impact of him speaking. We started and ended with a custom title and recorded the proceedings.

The video and audio link allowed both Dr. Saroka and the Audience in Vienna to hear and interact in real time. The studio setting assured a perfect audio and lighting environment to portray Dr. Saroka to the audience with audio and visual excellence.
  • Speaker View

    Interaction with the audience is in real-time

  • Audience View

    In this shot the audience sees a full frame view of the speaker

  • Audience View

    The audience sees a Picture in Picture view of the slide presentation and speaker

Case Study Webcast - Live Stream for TEDx

TEDx stands for Technology Entertainment & Design. The "x" indicates an independently organized conference under the rules and licence of the TED brand. The theme of the conference revolves around "ideas worth spreading" and TED sets the standard for technical excellence among webcast events. We have been honoured to be chosen technology provider for both TEDx conferences held in the City of Greater Sudbury at Science North.

Three cameras were deployed, one on a crane, one handheld and one on a tripod to give us interesting visual angles. The cameras, Powerpoint feed, and audio feed were integrated into our video switcher and fed out to production software for the addition of titles, special effects, and other additions. The final produced feed was sent via the internet to our CDN and distributed worldwide from various web site. We also maintained a high quality recording of the event which was edited into individual TED Talks and submitted to TED for public viewing.

In addition to the webcast, we supplied lighting, audio and production services for the events.

  • TEDx Nickel City

    Webcast | Video Services | IMAG | Audio Services | Lighting

  • TEDx Laurentian University

    Webcast | Video Services | IMAG | Audio Services | Lighting

Case Study Multi-Site Video Conference

Northern Ontario is a big place and when the Ontario Co-operative Association wanted to reach out to remote communities and bring them in to their regional conference in Sudbury they turned to IVS Productions. The premise was simple - bring the regional conference to Kapuskasing, Sault Ste Marie and Bracebridge without incurring the punishing travel and accommodation costs of coming to Sudbury.

Using new advances in video conference technology we designed a robust and easy-to-use system to connect the remote sites. First, we established a room site and technician in each community and sent the technician a video camera and audio system. The technician set this up along with a large screen television and computer to run our software. This established a point-of-presence in each remote locale that was cost-effective, temporary and did not require a substantial investment in equipment.

At the main conference in Sudbury the remote location video/audio feeds were displayed on a large screen. The display on the screen is operator controlled to show all video feeds, a single video feed or the presentation slides. This proved particularly effective for Q&A sessions. As presentations were given they were sent to the remote sites with a picture-in-picture feed that displayed the slide and the presenter in one frame.

The maximum number of remote sites is constrained by the screen size and we limit this to 6. In addition to video feeds, a Social Media feed was set up for off-camera communication with the remote site.

in addition to the video conference technology, it is possible to Webcast the conference and use social media, SMS or email for responses. This would be useful for individuals who cannot come to the Remote Site Conference Room.

Compared to traditional video conference technology the system is extremely cost effective. The ability of small conferences to reach out to remote locations is now available from IVS Productions.
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