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Nord500North Conference

Insider Secrets

Conferences, press conferences, announcements and training sessions are all worth recording because they form a library of content useful for future use in blogs, retaining corporate memory, training purposes and often for resale.

We have just video recorded a conference named NORD500NORTH. It is a typical small conference lasting 2 days with a Plenary Session and 3-4 speakers. What is interesting is the use they will make of the video recorded material, which will be edited and placed on our web store for sale to participants. Because the content is so powerful for the attendees, and given that 200 people attended the event, it's likely they will sell at least 100 copies of the proceedings. At $25 per digital copy (download) they could possibly net $2,500 all of which is going to be donated to a scholarship fund, and best of all, the knowledge and agreement developed in the conference is recorded and passed on. It will probably form the basis for future conferences.

The key is good content plus high quality recording/editing. I have assembled some "Insider Secrets" to know about If you are a Conference Organizer. These "Insider Secrets" are gleaned from hard lessons learned over many conferences:

Audio is Really Important!

The conference is an audio / personal event where the focus is on the speaker and the content they deliver. Powerpoint should be a visual aid to complement the speaker - not replace the speaker (Presentation Skill 101). It is sad to say but most hotels have TERRIBLE SOUND SYSTEMS (can I be more emphatic) and no ability to respond to changing audio requirements at the conference. I can't say this strongly enough - It is money wasted to use hotel systems so I recommend using an AV Company to supply equipment and a technician to operate it.

Use Wireless Mic's Sparingly!

Wireless microphones are wonderful with their ability to roam without cables and that is their strength - so use them for this purpose only. They are notoriously prone to interference, running out of battery power at inconvenient times, feedback, screeching from the audio board and generally causing great harm to your schedule. A microphone on a cable is bulletproof, reliable, rugged etc. etc. etc. - you get the point.

Video supplies it's own Audio!

If a hotel audio system is employed we ignore it and install our own microphones. This way we are isolated from their equipment failures. If an AV company is used we take a feed from the Audio Board and establish a separate Mic using room audio as a back up.

Video Recording needs 2 cameras!

We always record with 2 cameras - one unit with a good zoom lens and low-light sensor records the speaker using ambient room lighting. The 2nd. unit records the Powerpoint presentation and room audio. In post we use high quality versions of the Powerpoint slides and synchronize them to the speaker audio using the audio feed from the 2nd camera. This lets us amplify important slides and do Picture-in-Picture effects. it makes for a compelling presentation video.

Plan for Failure!

You only get one chance to record the moment so have a backup. Our cameras video record to 2 sources at the same time. If the main SDHC Card becomes corrupt our Flash Drive is recording a backup copy. If our audio wireless mic fails, we have a room mic as a backup source. Know this - "It's not will it fail - it's WHEN will it fail?"

Call us for Advice!

We are the small conference specialists so call us for advice when planning your next small conference or event. Remember, hotels excel at providing rooms and meals - but we excel at audio and video technology.