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IVS Design builds and installs Live Stream Systems engineered to work in Houses of Worship, Large Halls, Performing Arts Venues, Educational Institutions and Small Businesses. We make it easy and simple to apply this technology without the hassle of sourcing parts and making them all work together. We are your insurance policy that the systems will work as advertised. We provide parts support, training and repair services to keep you running for years to come.

We also offer consulting on Audio Systems, Projection Systems, Live Stream and Video Conference Systems, Content Design, and Website integration. IVS Design is your one-stop source for all the items you need to plan and implement a technology upgrade in your faciltiy.
  • Typical Layout for a Facility to Live Stream via the Internet, provide a PowerPoint (or other) feed to a Projector located the in Main Hall or Sanctuary and a separate Program Feed to remote locations (Overflow, Nursery etc.).

    Typical Layout for a Facility to Live Stream via the Internet, provide a PowerPoint (or other) feed to a Projector located the in Main Hall or Sanctuary and a separate Program Feed to remote locations (Overflow, Nursery etc.).

T-Pro 1M - a single camera system based on the MEVO camera. Includes cable interface to ethernet and sound board. It is limited in scope, but features the best camera in its class and targets budgets around $1,700. A reliable system and easy to use.
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T-Pro PTZ - a single pan/tilt/zoom camera system based on the Minrray PTZ UV510A HD camera. The PTZ features make alternative shots possible, which results in higher production values. The camera image is displayed in the Joystick controller LCD. Everything to need to stream is included and it is targeted at budgets around $3,500.
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T-Pro 4 - a dual camera system based on the Minrray PTZ Camera and Lumantek video switcher. This system services both the Live Stream and the needs of the Sanctuary. It offers a computer display on both the Projector and Video Switcher. It provides Program feeds to the internet and also remote locations in the Church such as overflow areas or the nursery. The computer (not included) runs Powerpoint, Easy Worship, Pro Presenter, etc. With 2 cameras, a video switcher, and a display computer your production values will be excellent. This is our most popular system and is targeted at budgets around $9,500.
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T-Pro 6 - for the Power User! This dual camera system is based on the Minrray PTZ Camera and Roland 60HD video switcher. The system fills all the needs a church could want. As well as integrating the computer and cameras to produce a Program feed for the internet, it can display the cameras, the program feed and the computer on the projector screen - you have full control. This is a powerful high-end system suitable for large scale productions and is targeted at budgets around $13,500
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All systems include cables, adapters, brackets and other items needed for installation. They are pretested before shipping and fully configured for operation with your website or account.

A VIDEO PRIMER ON THE T-PRO 4 Live Stream System. This video details how the T-Pro 4 works and shows it's application possibilities within a Church Setting.

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Our design focus is on ease of use and reliability!
  • The systems are hardware based with easy-to-learn controls.
  • We provide HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras on most systems to produce high production values.
  • We DO NOT use computers and software such as OBS or Wirecast, which requires knowledge and skill to operate and is subject to the reliability of the computer and its operating system.
  • Our systems come pre-configured and ready to operate.
  • They work in Operator Mode or Unattended Mode. Either way, your service or event will proceed.

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  • Maintain connections with members who are unable to attend in person.
  • Make it simple and easy to accept tithes and contributions during the service.
  • Maintain an on-line catalogue of recorded content for later viewing.
  • Performance Venues can broadcast concerts/events around the globe and monetize the content; and
  • Reach a world-wide audience without the limitations of location or number of participants.

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  • We recommend BOXCAST as the Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider. This product is simple to use and comes with excellent technical service. It also avoids copyright issues, unwanted advertising, and privacy concerns. The live-stream is embedded into your website which provides an easy to remember link to your viewers.
  • An archived recording of your service or event is maintained online;
  • Local recording of your service or event is available as an add-on; and
  • Optionally, we will stream to YouTube Live or FaceBook Live. These services are free to use but we see them as a second choice due to copyright issues, privacy concerns, advertising, and a total lack of technical support. These services will not embed into your website without a commercial account.

Audio and Video Presentation equipment is a large investment and we can show you how to make the most of it. We start with a complete audit of your AV equipment and match it to the goals you want to achieve. The result is a cost effective solution to upgrade the performance of your system.

We also integrate your existing equipment into our Live Stream and Video Conference solutions.
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We are authorized to provide products, training and installation for the products and services we recommend.

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