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What We Do?

IVS Design produces and installs Live Stream and Video Conference Solutions tailored to the needs of the client. We have systems at work in Houses of Worship, Corporate Settings, Performing Arts Venues, Educational Institutions and Small Businesses.

We offer consulting on Audio Systems, Projection Systems, Live Stream and Video Conference Systems, Program and Content Design, Website integration. IVS Design is your one-stop source for all the items you need to produce a Live Stream or Video Conference with high production values and reliable performance.


The Benefits of our Live Stream Systems.

  • Reach a large world-wide audience without the limitations of location or number of participants. As a Church, you may want to reach those members who are unable to attend services so you maintain a personal connection.
  • Performance Venues can broadcast concerts/events around the globe.
  • Businesses can broadcast product roll-outs and corporate events to customers and investors.
  • Our systems are easy to use and maintain. They integrate Audio, Video Cameras and Presentation Software into your broadcast producing high production values.
  • The Live Stream is easily integrated into your website and you are able to schedule the broadcast to suit your schedule. The broadcast can simultaneously play on YouTube and Facebook Live extending the reach of your broadcast.
  • IVS Design will configure and supply the system, help install, commission and train your people.
  • You get a design drawing, operation manual and content design template for your stream.
  • We will configure your streaming service, work with your Website Developer and get you up and running.
  • We also have expertise in creating original content to get you started with a high-quality look and feel that is unique to you.

Our Technology

Live Stream Systems integrate to your existing audio systems. We specify the correct Minrray PTZ Camera(s) for your venue and provide video feeds to overflow areas, monitors and projectors. We can also specify projection systems and work with Powerpoint, Keynote, Pro Presenter and Easy Worship software.

Because audio is such an important component, our audio technician will evaluate your existing audio system and suggest upgrades necessary for optimum quality.
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Typical Live Stream System for a House of Worship, Auditorium, Theatre or Hall


The Benefits of our Video Conference Systems.

  • We design our Video Conference Systems around ZOOM video conference software. We are the ZOOM experts!
  • In a board room setting our systems work like you do. Presenters use thier own computer without the distraction of operating a ZOOM video conference.
  • We use a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera that integrates into the ZOOM computer to produce a superb image. With the touch of a preset button the camera can automatically pan to any angle or view, a real benefit for your online audience.
  • We add on a high quality desktop audio system for clear conversation.
  • IVS Design will design and supply the system, help install and commission it and train your people to use it.
  • You will get a design drawing, operation manual and ZOOM training video. Further consultation and training can be arranged.

Our Technology

Video Conference Systems are based around a computer (Mac or PC) running ZOOM software. The Minrray Camera and Konftel audio systems are integrated to the computer. The computer displays the ZOOM software on a large 50" HD screen located at the front of the room.

For personal comfort and clarity people like to present to the Board Room using their own computer. This unit is plugged into to an HDMI cable that displays on a 2nd monitor and also feeds into the ZOOM computer. In this manner the Board Room views a clean uncluttered presentation display and the remote ZOOM audience sees the the presentation as a crisp High Definition view. Video and audio played on the presenter's computer are made visible to the ZOOM application and is shared to all clients.

The clarity of the system, ease of use and convenience make this an outstanding cost-effective design for Corporate Board Rooms.
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Typical Video Conference System with Presenter Option

Consulting on Audio and Presentation Solutions
for large and small spaces

Audio and Video Presentation equipment is a large investment and we can show you how to make the most of it. We start with a complete audit of your AV equipment and match it to the goals you want to achieve. The result is a cost effective solution to upgrade the performance of your system.

We also integrate your existing equipment into our Live Stream and Video Conference solutions.

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We are authorized to provide products, training and installation for the products and services we recommend.

Contact us for a free consultation at (705) 698-1212 or email at