With the experience of many installations behind us, IVS Design is proud to introduce our "best of breed" systems for Livestream and Video Conference Applications. The hallmark of all our designs is SIMPLICITY. They are meant to be used by anyone with basic computer skills and are simple to install. Best of all, our designs are complete solutions to get you streaming without hassle. They include:

  • Modifications to our base systems to address all your facility and streaming needs
  • Full documentation and drawings so you can maintain the system over time;
  • Backup of spare parts in our inventory;
  • Development of Content Templates to get you started with good results;
  • Setup and installation services at your facility;
  • Training - both online and onsite; and
  • On-going support!

Others sell you equipment, we provide turn-key solutions that real world clients can use.


Live Stream Systems

  •  Video Switcher

    Video Switcher

  •  Preview Screen

    Preview Screen

  •  PTZ Camera

    PTZ Camera

  •  Live Stream System

    Live Stream System

The Video Switcher is the heart of your system. It provides camera control and content display to form your program. It is VERY DEPENDABLE and not subject to viruses, software glitches and operator errors commonly seen with computer based software.

The video switcher we have selected is as simple as it gets:
  • select the Camera and press TAKE.
  • If you want lyrics overlaid on the image, simply press LUMA and they appear.
  • A full featured preview screen shows all the camera views and computer displays. It gives both a preview and program window so mistakes are reduced.
  • For the technically minded we have shown the SDI and HDMI Inputs and Outputs in the drawing below.

PTZ Cameras give amazing images in all lighting conditions. They feature 12x, 20x and 30x zoom to suit your facility and are controlled by a joystick from the video switcher. A 3rd PTZ camera or operator run tripod mounted camera can be added to enhance production values.

The Streaming Encoder receives the program output of the Video Switcher and encodes it as an upload stream over the internet to a Content Distribution Network (CDN) such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live or BOXCAST. A hardware encoder is superior to a software based encoder in all respects - better image, easier to use, more reliable. We provide hardware encoders for all CDN's but recommend BOXCAST as the preferred CDN choice. Check them out.

Presentation Software
such as Powerpoint, Keynote, Pro Presenter, Easy Worship or other software runs on a separate computer and displays lyrics, slides, titles etc. Both Mac and PC computers integrate to our video switcher without fuss - we tested it! The computer output is split in 2 with 1 output going to the Projector/Display in your facility, and the 2nd output directed to the video switcher. This design gives you a superior image online and is so much better than aiming a camera at the screen and accepting a muddy image. Best of all, lyrics can be keyed and overlaid for a pleasing worship experience.

Serving your facility! Our system comes with both a computer feed and program feed, which can extend up to 100 metres via CAT6 cable to any remote location in your facility. You can display slides and lyrics on your projector while you display the streaming program in an overflow area, nursery or foyer. Best of all, using our Video IP technology you can reach up to 5 locations for the computer feed and the same for the program feed. We have thought about your future needs as your streaming program becomes accepted and expected!

AUDIO is a critically important component of streaming. Our audio technician will evaluate your existing audio system and suggest upgrades necessary for optimum quality. He will integrate these into your streaming system for great results. You will be amazed at how good you sound.

COST: We supply systems for most budgets but we will not compromise on results. Systems run from $2,500 to $10,000. The system shown below is valued at $8,250 plus installation. The caveat is "spend your money wisely". Live Stream systems must be seen as long-term investments meant to become an integral part of your Church Experience. When budgeting take a long-term view and ask yourself - what do you pay for a team member?

ORDERING: To ensure success for your installation, we want to discuss your applications with you before proceeding. We offer a one time "no charge" consultation using ZOOM video conference. Contact us for a Meeting Time
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Typical Live Stream System for a House of Worship, Auditorium, Theatre or Hall


Video Conference Systems for Board Rooms

In a board room setting our systems are designed to work like you do. Presenters use their own computer without the distraction of operating a video conference; the conference table is the focus of the meeting; and, Remote Participants are equal members with an excellent view of the visuals and the participants in the room. Features include:

  • We design our Video Conference Systems around ZOOM video conference software - we are the ZOOM experts! Our systems also work with Microsoft Teams, Skype, WebEx and Go-To-Meeting software.
  • We use a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera that integrates into the Conference computer to produce a superb image. With the touch of a preset button the camera can automatically pan to any angle or view, which is a real benefit for your online audience.
  • We use a high quality desktop audio system for clear conversation.
  • IVS Design will design and supply the system, help install and commission it and train your people to use it.
  • You get a design drawing and operation manual. Further consultation and training can be arranged.
Video Conference Systems are based around a computer (Mac or PC) running VIDEO CONFERENCE software (ZOOM or other). The Minrray PTZ Camera and Konftel audio systems are integrated into the conference computer. The Conference computer displays the Conference software on a large 50" HD screen located at the front or back of the room . 2 layouts are possible - dual monitor at the front of the room and dual monitor using a front (presentation) and back (remote participants) monitor location in the room.

  • The Laptop Presentation computer is plugged into to an HDMI cable that displays on the Presentation monitor to the participants in the board room. Video and audio played on the Presenter's computer is made available to the Conference computer application (ZOOM or other) and is shared to all remote clients as a crisp image or video. The presenter does not have to concern themselves with operating Conference software for screen sharing or other feature. What the conference room views, the remote participants view.
  • The Conference computer is operated with a "push button" console. This greatly simplifies using Video Conference Software.
  • The clarity of the system, ease of use and convenience make this an outstanding cost-effective design for Corporate Board Rooms.

COST: Depending on features systems range from 7 to 10K.

ORDERING: To ensure success for your installation, we want to discuss your application before proceeding. We offer a one time "no charge" consultation using ZOOM video conference. Contact us for a Meeting Time
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Typical Video Conference System with Presenter Option


PTZ cameras - Brilliant in all applications.

The combination of price, feature set and performance sets the Minrray PTZ cameras ahead of other manufacturers. IVS Design has evaluated PTZ Optics, Aida Imaging, Sony and Panasonic PTZ Cameras and recommends Minrray to all our clients.

We carry PTZ cameras in inventory and value the excellent Canadian based service and support portal. We do not have to deal with the USA or CHINA for updates and warranty.

UV-510A for Live Stream and Video Conference Applications

The UV510A series camera offers perfect functions, superior performance and rich interfaces.The features include advanced ISP processing algorithms to provide vivid images with a strong sense of depth, sharp image,and fantastic colour rendition. It supports H.264/H.264+ encoding which makes motion video fluent and clear even under less than ideal bandwidth conditions. Features include:

  • Optical zoom with 12x, 20x, 30x options.
  • Option cluster - SDI, HDMI, & Ethernet output, concurrent outputs. NDI is optional.
  • Option cluster - USB and Ethernet output, concurrent outputs.
  • Ethernet supports RTMP encoding for direct streaming to your CDN.
  • Audio Input.
  • Silky smooth Pan, Zoom and Tilt.
  • Comes with Power Supply, Lens Cap, Handheld Remote, Manual.
  • Options include Mounting Plate, Joystick Controller, Power Over Ethernet.

Prices vary according to the option group. Range is $1,625 to $2200. Contact us to discuss your application and select an appropriate camera.

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  •  SDI HDMI Ethernet Interface

    SDI HDMI Ethernet Interface

  •  12x 20x  30x zoom option

    12x 20x 30x zoom option

  •  UV-510A Dimensions

    UV-510A Dimensions

UV-510 Series

Typical Video Conference System with Presenter Option

Consulting on Audio and Presentation Solutions
for large and small spaces

Audio and Video Presentation equipment is a large investment and we can show you how to make the most of it. We start with a complete audit of your AV equipment and match it to the goals you want to achieve. The result is a cost effective solution to upgrade the performance of your system.

We also integrate your existing equipment into our Live Stream and Video Conference solutions.

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We are authorized to provide products, training and installation for the products and services we recommend.

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