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Welcome to our New Website


Welcome to our New Website!

Dan Thomson
After 25 years as a Videographer and Media Producer at IVS Productions, I decided it was time to close that venture down and move on to something else - but what? As I closed IVS Productions, the largest demand was for producing events that live streamed on the Internet. I geared up for this task with video switchers, cameras and encoding equipment. 4 years later I have gone through 3 generations of video switchers, 2 generations of cameras, 3 generations encoding solutions, and 4 streaming content distribution providers.

And then COVID 19 happened!

As businesses grabbed on to the possibilities of video conference technology, solutions moved from expensive proprietary solutions to a becoming a commodity that everyone could afford. Work at home was now viable.

Churches have installed Live Stream systems for their Sunday Services as a critical part of maintaining their congregations. For many, It's survival.

Live event venues have transitioned to Pay-Per-View concerts streamed live on the Internet to replace the audience in the venue.

With the sudden upsurge in interest I kept getting requests to help organizations develop their own live stream and video conference solutions. In 2020 I placed over 7 systems around the Sudbury area and the requests just kept coming from Churches, Businesses and Institutions. That's when I decided to close down IVS Productions and focus on IVS Design as my sole business.

I conducted a huge equipment sale and sold off all manner of cameras and video production equipment. I then took the proceeds and invested in inventory to support my new business of designing and installing Live Stream and Video Conference systems. I also reached out Mark Gibson, a well known Audio Professional, and he has come on board to handle all Audio Requirements. My wife Susan, who is a Certified Project Management Professional has also joined and will organize all project work to make certain no details are missed.

So that is the company. We bring to the table vast experience and resources. We are able to design solutions that respond to your budget and performance expectations, and best of all, we supply a turn-key system ready to go.

I would encourage you to seek our advice to get the right equipment and design for your project.

Regards, Dan Thomson